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YouTube ReVanced v18.19.35 [Non Root]


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YouTube ReVanced v18.19.35 [Non Root] [2.174.0]
Requirements: Android 8.0+ | Size: 251 MB​
ReVanced is an unofficial continuation of Vanced and unaffiliated with Vanced, aiming to deliver new features; as well as those already seen in Vanced. pplied patches: microg-patch, amoled, minimized-playback, old-quality-layout, disable-create-button, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, background-play
What's New

Bug Fixes
- Account fo breaking changes from ReVanced Patcher
- Check for opcode type CONST
- Incorrect cast of instruction
- Incorrect instruction offsets
- Incorrect smali syntax
- Youtube/custom-video-speed: add missing class for video-speeds patch
- Youtube/integrations: allow playback of embedded videos
- Youtube/minimized-playback: update settings description
- Youtube/remember-video-quality: fix default video quality/speed being applied when resuming app.
- Youtube/return-youtube-dislikes: fix temporarily frozen video after opening a shorts
- Youtube/settings: fix non functional back button in settings
- Youtube/sponsorblock: fix skip button in wrong location when full screen and comments visible
- Youtube/sponsorblock: fix toast shown when scrubbing thru a paused video
- Youtube/spoof-signature-verification: adjusting summary text
- Youtube/theme: apply custom seekbar color to video thumbnails
- Youtube/vanced-microg-support: depend on client-spoof patch
- Youtube/video-speed: add compatibility annotation
- Youtube: add missing compatibility annotations for theme and hide-load-more-button
- Add capability to filter from protobuf buffer
- Use consistent names for patches
- Youtube/copy-video-url: add tap and hold functionality to copy video url buttons
- Youtube/downloads: improve patch description
- Youtube/hide-filter-bar: add PreferenceScreen summary
- Youtube/hide-player-overlay: make it toggleable in settings
- Youtube/hide-shorts-components: hide navigation bar
- Youtube/settings: add reset button to edit preference dialog
- Youtube/video-speed: change custom video speeds inside app settings
- Youtube: hide-load-more-button patch
- Youtube: add hide-filter-bar patch
- Youtube: add hide-shorts-components patch
- Youtube: add options to disable toasts on connection error
- Youtube: constrain patches to 18.16.37
- Youtube: import / export of revanced settings
- Youtube: move video settings to Video settings category
- Youtube: support version 18.19.35
How to Install

● First Install Vanced MicroG.
● Then Install YouTube ReVanced.
● Open YouTube ReVanced.
● Log In To Your Account.
Patch Info

● Applied always-autorepeat
● Applied client-spoof
● Applied comments
● Applied copy-video-url
● Applied custom-branding
● Applied disable-auto-captions
● Applied disable-fullscreen-panels
● Applied disable-player-popup-panels
● Applied disable-shorts-on-startup
● Applied disable-zoom-haptics
● Applied downloads
● Applied enable-debugging
● Applied hdr-auto-brightness
● Applied hide-ads
● Applied hide-album-cards
● Applied hide-artist-card
● Applied hide-autoplay-button
● Applied hide-breaking-news-shelf
● Applied hide-captions-button
● Applied hide-cast-button
● Applied hide-crowdfunding-box
● Applied hide-email-address
● Applied hide-endscreen-cards
● Applied hide-filter-bar
● Applied hide-floating-microphone-button
● Applied hide-get-premium
● Applied hide-info-cards
● Applied hide-load-more-button
● Applied hide-player-buttons
● Applied hide-player-overlay
● Applied hide-seekbar
● Applied hide-shorts-components
● Applied hide-timestamp
● Applied hide-video-action-buttons
● Applied hide-watch-in-vr
● Applied hide-watermark
● Applied minimized-playback
● Applied navigation-buttons
● Applied old-quality-layout
● Applied open-links-externally
● Applied premium-heading
● Applied remember-video-quality
● Applied return-youtube-dislike
● Applied seekbar-tapping
● Applied sponsorblock
● Applied spoof-app-version
● Applied swipe-controls
● Applied tablet-mini-player
● Applied theme
● Applied vanced-microg-support
● Applied video-ads
● Applied video-speed
● Applied wide-searchbar