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VovSoft Serial Port Monitor 1.3


Staff member

VovSoft Serial Port Monitor 1.3 | Size: 2.92 MB
Language: English

Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor is a simple to use utility that can analyze your computer's COM port communication data traffic. You can receive / read data from any COM port and transfer / send data to any COM port. You can change connection parameters such as baud rate (bits per second), parity, data bits and stop bits. This software can send and receive data in ASCII text. Sending text periodically is possible, you can change the interval in milliseconds. "Clear", "Save to file" and "Copy to clipboard" buttons can be used. Setting font and background color is also possible by using the menu.
RS232 monitor
Using this simple software, you can monitor and control any hardware compliant with RS-232 protocol, RS-485 protocol, RS-422 protocol or any other compatible serial port device. The RS-232 (DB9) pinout specifies that only the TX and RX pins are necessary for communication. The rest of the pins are necessary only if you implement some form of hardware flow control. You can read data from RX and send data to TX using Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor.
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