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Stock Trading Basics | Quick Start Guide To Stock Trading


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Stock Trading Basics | Quick Start Guide To Stock Trading
Last updated 6/2019
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Stock trading for complete beginners | Create a trading account, stock analysis strategies, how to buy stocks & more!

What you'll learn
Get Started On A Stock Exchange & Create Your Stock Trading Account
How To Read & Analyze Stock Charts For Strategic Stock Trading
Strategies, Tips & Recommendations For New Stock Traders
Everything You Need To Buy & Sell Your First Stock!
No Experience Necessary!
Computer or Smartphone Required For Stock Trading
Are you a beginner looking to place your first stock trade?Well you have arrived at the right place!Welcome to the 'Stock Trading Basics | Quick Start Guide to Stock Trading' online course!Quick Start Guide To Stock TradingLearn the basic essentials to get started with stock trading.This course is designed to take a complete beginner through the ENTIRE process of trading the stock market!Stock trading is one of the most valuable skills that anyone can learn. Knowing how to buy & sell stocks will allow you to manage your own finances, and provide you with the knowledge to navigate the stock market.Follow along step-by-step through the stock trading process, from creating your account on a stock exchange to technical analysis strategies to buy and sell stocks at calculated price points.Discover How To:Join an online stock exchangeNavigate stock trading tools & resourcesPlace your first stock tradeLearn technical analysis basicsAnd tons more!Whether you are interested in day trading, swing trading or investing, the fundamentals we cover will help get you started off in the right direction!What are the risks?Don't try to learn how to trade stocks by trial & error.Just like any other career or business, there are some risks involved with stock trading. Trying to learn stock trading by trial & error is a great (and fast) way to lose your investment. But with the right training, you can develop the skills, patience, decisiveness and confidence that is required to be a successful trader or investor.Attempting to trade stocks without the proper knowledge & experience is just like gambling. You may win every now and then, but you are more likely to be separated from your cash.We will discuss the various risks that come with stock trading & how to avoid them, and help prevent trading losses you may have incurred without the proper education.What Makes This Course Different?Each step in the stock trading process is demonstrated, so you can quickly learn how to start trading stocks.Learn the strategies & tips that you should know when getting started, such as creating a new stock trading account, stock analysis techniques, and placing your first stock trade.Don't waste your money on overpriced stock trading programs.Whether you are looking to start a new career in stock trading, or just looking to learn enough to manage your investment portfolio, we have you covered!Gain Trading ExperienceYou do not have to start with a lot of money, and I actually recommend that you don't. You can start trading with a small investment, or even practice trading the live stock market without spending ANY real money.With the secret method we go over in the course, you will be able to practice buying & selling stocks...without risking your own cash!Discover how to create a practice stock trading account with $200,000, so you can test your stock trading skills without the risk. With this method, you can gain the experience you need in a real world environment, without the fear of losing your investment.What Inside:Stock Trading OverviewTrader TerminologyTop Mistakes Beginners MakeCreate A Stock Trading AccountDesktop & Mobile TradingCreate A WatchlistSet Price AlertsIntroduction To Technical AnalysisHelpful Sites & ResourcesAnd Tons More!Start Learning Today!No experience required!With this course, you will finally have everything you need to start trading stocks. The stock trading techniques & strategies you will learn can quickly take you from complete beginner, to placing your first stock trade.Get started as soon as possible with everything you need to know to buy & sell your first stock!Learning to trade successfully will take some time and practice, but this course will provide you with jump-start you need to quickly begin your stock trading journey.Take action & enroll today!See you inside the course!Jason G


Section 1: Stock Trading Quick Start Guide | Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Stock Trading Basics | Course Agenda

Lecture 2 Getting Started With Stock Trading

Lecture 3 Stock Trading Terminology | Terms You Should Know

Section 2: Create Your Stock Trading Account | Platform Setup

Lecture 4 Stock Trading Platforms | Section Overview

Lecture 5 Create Your Trading Account | TD Ameritrade

Lecture 6 Trading Platform | Dashboard Overview & Mobile App

Lecture 7 Practice Trading REAL Markets For FREE

Section 3: Buying & Selling Stocks | Stock Trading Basics

Lecture 8 Stock Trading & Order Types | Section Overview

Lecture 9 Online Trading Exchange | Buying & Selling Stocks

Lecture 10 Mobile Trading | Buying & Selling Stocks

Lecture 11 Price Alerts | Setting Trade Notifications

Lecture 12 Watchlists | Create Your First Watch List

Section 4: Stock Trading Recommendations | Tips & Strategies

Lecture 13 Stock Trading Tips & Strategies | Section Overview

Lecture 14 Stock Trading Preparations & Strategy

Lecture 15 Technical Analysis For Stock Trading

Lecture 16 Find Stocks To Trade | Sites To Research & Analyze Stocks

Section 5: Thanks For Joining!

Lecture 17 Bonus Lecture

Complete beginners looking to quickly get started on their stock trading journey,Experienced stock traders looking to review stock trading basics