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Mysteries of Monkey Island by Nicolas Deneschau


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Mysteries of Monkey Island by Nicolas Deneschau | 5.33 MB
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Title: The Mysteries of Monkey Island: All about to take on the pirates!
Author: Nicolas Deneschau
Year: 2023​

That was the only target set for those 20 or so young, ambitious, hilarious and unkempt creators.
Lucasfilm Games™, soon to be LucasArts™, would become a legendary developer, not least because it was within its walls that The Secret of Monkey Island™ was created in 1990. The best-known of the Point & Click adventure games, Monkey Island earned its reputation from its world of colorful, delightfully anachronistic pirates, its trademark Monty Python-style humor, and, quite simply, the fact that it revolutionized a genre. This book is an homage to the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood™, pirate extraordinaire. But it also aspires-quite ambitiously-to explain why Monkey Island marks a pivotal milestone in the way stories are told through video games. It's also an opportunity to look back at the tumultuous history of LucasArts and Telltale Games, to discover some voodoo grog recipes, to learn interactive pirate reggae songs, to impress at a party of 40-year-old geeks, and to discover one-liners as sharp as a cutlass (great for duels and birthdays).