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Master Color Change In Photoshop Cc



Master Color Change In Photoshop Cc
Last updated 8/2021
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Language: English | Size: 3.92 GB | Duration: 1h 32m​
Select and Change Any colors in Photoshop with New and Amazing Step By Step Guide Method

What you'll learn
How to Select and Change Any Colors in Photoshop
Learn the most used and likely the most important tools in Photoshop
How to Change & Remove Backgrounds in Photoshop
Master Selections, Layers, and Colors
How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop
Match Colors with Color Code
How to Change Seasons in Photoshop
How to Pop-Out Colors in your image
Photoshop CC or Not Older than CS5.5
Hi My name is Soli Art During this amazing Course you will learn the most important tools to select and change Any colors in Photoshop with new and amazing step by step guide methodProject 1- you will learn How to Pop Out Colors in Your PhotosProject 2- How to Color Match Any Products with any colorsProject 3- How to Change Eye ColorProject 4- How to Whiten Teeth ColorProject 5- you will learn How to Change Car ColorProject 6- how to Change Seasons in photoshop from Sprint to Fall to WinterProject 7- How to Change any Background ColorProject 8- How to Change any Dress Color for you online shopProject 9- How to Change Hair ColorProject 10- How to Change Shoes Color with textureBy the end of this course you will be able to use the photoshop to select and change any colors for any Products, Artworks, and Personal Photos and to Pop out Colors from any image with ease. You'll feel totally in control to do any projects. So lets Get started today on your Photoshop journey!You will Learn All the Tools that you can change Color WithSol Just make sure follow the order of VIdeos and Step by Step Come Forward until you get master in Changing Any Color in Photoshop


Section 1: How to Pop Out Colors in Your Photos

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 01- Perfect Selection with Hue and Saturation Slider

Lecture 3 02- How to Use Shadows and Highlights

Lecture 4 03- How to Use Gradient Tool to Pop Out Model

Section 2: How to Color Match Any Products with Any Colors

Lecture 5 01- Selection and Replace Color Sweet

Lecture 6 02- Select and Replace Others

Section 3: How to Change Eyes Color

Lecture 7 01- Selecting the Eyes

Lecture 8 02- Changing Eyes Color

Lecture 9 03-Using Brush Tool and Hue and Saturation

Section 4: How to Whiten Teeth Color

Lecture 10 How To Whiten Teeth with Only Hue and Saturation

Section 5: How to Change Car Color

Lecture 11 01- Selection with Quick Selection Tool

Lecture 12 02- Change the Color and Using Brush Tool for Clean Up

Lecture 13 03- Change the Car Color Now

Section 6: How to Change Seasons - Sprint to Fall to Winter

Lecture 14 01- How to Use Hue and Saturation Slider

Lecture 15 02- How to Use Brush Tool

Lecture 16 03- How to Use Quick Selection Tool

Lecture 17 04- How to Change the Season to Snow

Section 7: How to Change Background Color

Lecture 18 01- How to Use Magical Select and Mask to Separate Subject

Lecture 19 02- Change Background Color

Lecture 20 03- Selecting Cleaning Up and Changing it to any Color

Section 8: How to Change Dress Color for your Online Shop

Lecture 21 01- Change the Color and Cleaning Up

Lecture 22 02 -Color Match with Color Code

Section 9: How to Change Hair Color

Lecture 23 01- How to Separate the Model from the Background Fast

Lecture 24 02- Separate the Hair from the Model

Lecture 25 03- Change the Hair Color to Any Color

Section 10: How to Change Shoes Color

Lecture 26 01- Selecting the Parts

Lecture 27 02- Brushing Over Edges

Lecture 28 03- Change The Shoes Color to Any Color

Section 11: Change Color to Specific Color Code

Lecture 29 Change Color to Specific Color Code

This course is perfect for beginner- to advance Level because is a Step By Step and text guide easy- follow Project based Photoshop Course. This Course is for anyone who want to learn the most important part of Photoshop for daily uses.