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Learn UX: Visual Design Process - Tracks



Learn UX: Visual Design Process - Tracks | 2.08 GB
User Experience Design, commonly called UX Design, encompasses all aspects of a user's interaction with a company, its services, and its products. UX designers put themselves into the shoes of users to create solutions through empathy.

In this Track, you'll learn various methods of iterating on a design idea, from wireframing to building a mockup to sharing interactive prototypes.
We'll begin with a few foundational courses in design thinking and giving/receiving feedback. Then you'll dive into our 2-hour Introduction to Wireframing course, where you'll learn the methods and process for wireframing, a key skill for a lot of UX design work.
Next, we'll tackle Typography. Working with type is something that every UX designer needs to be comfortable with, and this in-depth course will get you up to speed. Afterward, you'll take our Designing Layouts course, which covers visual and typographic hierarchy, the use of grids and alignment in layouts, and how to choose colors.
To wrap up this Track, we'll learn how to create mockups of your designs, how to prototype them in Adobe XD and Figma, and how to present your ideas.
Ready to dive into the exciting UX design process? Let's begin!

├── 01. Visual Design Foundations
├── 02. Handling Feedback as a UX Designer
├── 03. Receiving UX Feedback by Example
├── 04. Collecting Design Inspiration
├── 05. Introduction to Wireframing
├── 08. Typography for Designers
├── 09. Before and After Typography
├── 10. Designing Layouts
├── 11. Creating Mockups
├── 12. Before and After Color
├── 13. Before and After Layout
├── 14. Prototyping with Adobe XD
├── 15. Prototyping with Figma
├── 17. Collaborating with Developers
├── 18. Presenting Design Ideas
├── 19. UX Going beyond Visual Design