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Dome Keeper Deluxe Edition v41 3 7


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Dome Keeper Deluxe Edition v41 3 7


Dome Keeper Deluxe Edition | 467.21 MB
Language : English
Genre : Action, Indie
Developer: N/A
Publisher: Raw Fury
Release Date: N/A​

About This Game:

About this bundle
Enjoy all new customization options as you defend your dome in style, dig to refined tunes, and develop your presence as a keeper on the frontier of alien worlds. With the Dome Keeper: Deluxe bundle you'll get:

● Dome KeepeDig for resources, develop powerful upgrade paths, and defend waves of alien attackers with the core game experience.
● The Dome Keeper Official Soundtrack - bring the tunes from the dome with you anywhere you go. With tracks fusing melodic and synthetic creations together with a sense of wonder meeting the jet age, these high quality MP3 and lossless FLAC formats immerse you even deeper in the Dome Keeper experience!
● The Dome Keeper: Pioneer Pack - Includes two epic cosmetic items! A hardened suit and the Vigilant Owl pet!

System Requirements