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Depressive Witches - Distant Kingdoms (2022) [24Bit-44 1kHz] FLAC


Staff member
Depressive Witches - Distant Kingdoms (2022) [24Bit-44 1kHz] FLAC


Size: 580.22 MB | Total Duration: 45:59 | Total Tracks: 9
Format: FLAC | 1758 Kbps
Album: Distant Kingdoms
Artist: Depressive Witches
Genre: Metal
Date/Year: 2022​

01. Distant Kingdoms (05:29)
02. In the Hall of the Sleeping King (06:44)
03. Oh My Dear Wyvern (04:47)
04. Wizard! Open the Gates! (05:28)
05. Pit of Goblins (06:19)
06. Tonight I Will Hide My Heart in Space (05:41)
07. Forgotten Icebergs (03:50)
08. Cancel Your Wedding and Fuck the Witch (04:44)
09. A Land to Lead (02:57)