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Deathbed (Father Koesler, book 8) by William X Kienzle


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Deathbed (Father Koesler, book 8) by William X Kienzle | 380.35 KB
English | 288 Pages

Title: Deathbed
Author: William Kienzle
Year: 1986​

"The realistic setting, discussions of theology and humanism add to the appealing the author's new urbane, witty mystery.-Publishers Weekly
"Score another direct hit by Father Koesler and William Kienzle." -Kansas City Star
In Deathbed, the eighth book in a series by acclaimed mystery writer William X. Kienzle, Father Robert Koesler takes on a temporary tour of duty as chaplain in a Detroit hospital whose dark passageways lead eventually to murder. But along the way, the antics of a security guard, a few nurse's aides, and a bumbling volunteer lead to madcap mayhem in a deft (and daft) counterpoint to the unfolding mystery.
Deathbed follows the tracks of at least four people in St. Vincent's Hospital in Detroit whose rancor toward a single individual is so great it could translate into violence. The object of their wrath is an indomitable, unsinkable nun in her late sixties who almost single-handedly...