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Choi B Introduction to Python Network Automation Vol 1 2ed 2024


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Choi B Introduction to Python Network Automation Vol 1 2ed 2024 | 17.83 MB
831 Pages

Title: Introduction to Python Network Automation Volume I - Laying the Groundwork
Author: Brendan Choi​

Welcome to Introduction to Python Network Automation Volume I: Laying the Groundwork. In this first part of our comprehensive guide, you'll embark on a transformative journey into the world of network automation. Whether you're new to the IT field or seeking to strengthen your existing skills, this book serves as your roadmap to mastering the foundational skills essential for success in network automation. You'll begin your exploration by delving into the fundamentals of Python network automation, laying a solid foundation for your learning journey. Equipped with essential Python skills, you'll leverage them for network administration tasks, particularly on the Windows platform. Reinforce your understanding through targeted exercises designed to enhance your proficiency and navigate the complexities of VMware Workstation as you master virtualization techniques crucial for setting up your network automation environment.
You'll then venture into Linux fundamentals, learning to set up and configure server environments tailored for network automation tasks while gaining a deep understanding of file systems and TCP/IP services in Linux. Explore the power of regular expressions as you streamline network automation tasks with precision and efficiency. Discover GNS3, a vital tool for network emulation, enabling you to test and validate network designs and put your skills to the test by tackling real-world network challenges in a comprehensive lab scenario. This book provides the essential knowledge and practical experience needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of network automation. Whether you're new to network automation or seeking to strengthen your existing skills, this book will unlock the vast potential of network automation and empower you to excel in this exciting field.
What You'll Learn

• Learn Python fundamentals and effective network automation strategies.
• Use Python for various network administration tasks, improving efficiency.
• Understand Linux basics and IP service installation techniques.
• Apply regular expressions in Python for data processing.
• Create a network automation lab with VMware Workstation for hands-on practice.
Who This Book Is For
IT engineers and developers, network managers and students, who would like to learn network automation using Python.