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Album: New Spring
Artist: The Battlefield Band
Genre: Celtic
Date: 1991
01. Inveraray Castle -Calum Beag -Lucy Cassidy (04:49)
02. The Green And The Blue (04:47)
03. Seann Bhriogais Aig Uilleam -Lady Margaret Stewart (04:15)
04. Cearcall A' Chuain -The Kaimes Lassies -The Night We Had The Goats -Calum Fhionnlaigh (04:39)
05. Working Away -The Toastie Jig (04:10)
06. The Prince Of Wales -Angst Agus Angus -Let There Be Drams (04:42)
07. Darien (03:21)
08. Miss Sarah MacManus -The Appropriate Dipstick -Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome To Shetland (04:21)
09. The Devil Uisge Beatha (04:10)
10. The Golden Eagle -O'er The Moor To Maggie -The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie -Wissahickon Drive (04:27)
11. Farewell To Ravenscraig -My Night Out With Big Iain (03:40)
12. I Feel Like Going Home (04:16)
13. Farewell My Love -Auchindoun -Tom Paine's Strathspey -The Sands Of Loch Bee -The Handshaker -Cailleach An Dudain (08:36)