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epub | 39.3 MB | English | Isbn:B07QS97XPT | Author: Joy May | PAge: 256 | Year: 2019


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Whether you have younger or older children, just one kid or a whole tribe, whether you are a single carer or you have a partner to work with, the one constant is you are busy. Juggling work, school runs, homework, tidying your destroyed house and maintaining any kind of social life, to name just the basics, is hard! Often the first thing to take a hit when we get busy is what we eat. 'NOSH for Busy Mums & Dads' is here to help. This book is designed to minimize stress levels, to show how simple meals are possible, to inspire you to cook from fresh ingredients, and hopefully to bring a little bit of fun back into the kitchen.

Challenging weekly budget? Every recipe shows a cost per person. The average cost, across all meals, is only 1.28 per person.
Want to know what you are aiming for? NOSH Books always provide a photo with every recipe.
Want straight-forward recipes? None of the meals require weighing scales. Joy always uses mugs as a basic measure.
Crave inspiration in the kitchen? As well as including the ol classics, Joy has loads of new, interesting dishes to add a spark to the table.
Juggling a hectic lifestyle? All Joy s meals are aimed at saving time and energy. 90% of the meals take 30 mins or less to prepare.
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