Standing in Shadows by Cynthia A Morgan
epub | 233.55 KB | English | Isbn:B08993YRR5 | Author: Cynthia A. Morgan | PAge: 354 | Year: 2015


Gairynzvl escaped the captivity of The Reviled Fey, barely. The cost of his freedom was higher than he ever imagined, but now he wants to return to their dark realm and he wants Ayla and his new Fey of the Light friends to join him.
The perils are terrifying, but to rescue childfey who were abducted by the Reviled like he was, Gairynzvl will risk everything.
If they are captured, they will pray for death long before it comes. *Will the Fey of the Light risk war with The Reviled and who will join Gairynzvl's quest into the realm of shadows and fear?
Five Star Praise for Standing in Shadows
"Never less than compelling and with a decided darkness throughout., Standing in Shadows is a book any Fantasy aficionado would relish. Sufficiently sprinkled with delicious descriptions and a sprinkling of romance, the final line leaves us salivating with its ominous undertones. More, we shout! We want more!"
"Epic adventure awaits in this magical realm. Standing in Shadows is a superb continuation in the Dark Fey series."
"I stayed up the entire night frantically reading and turning the pages. The plot, the characters, the story within the world Ms. Morgan created were all compelling and exceptionally done."
Category:Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Prejudice, Teen & Young Adult Royalty Fairy Tales & Folklore eBooks, Occult Spiritualism

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