PsychoDownloads Rules
MUST be followed by all the members of the community!


1. The language of PsychoDownloads is English, and this is the only permissible language. Please use clear and concise English where possible.
2. Please search prior to posting in a forum to avoid duplicate topics (ie: duplicate links or discussion)
3. Post a comment if you think a thread is good -- a comment from you means more interaction from other users.
4. Help out new members who register on the site and show them around if needed.
5. This is a community -- no flaming is appreciated, nor is it allowed.
6. All links to external sites must be coded.
7. The use of a proxy to login to your account is a bannable offense.
8. Referral links of any kind, for whatever purpose, are strictly not allowed.
9. Bumping of old threads is not allowed.

Posting Rules For Uploader

1. Be sure to include an accurate title, a description, screenshots/covers, the download links, and any password.
2. Users must be able to download from the file hosting site without having to complete a survey, or pay.
3. You are responsible for what you post. If there's a virus found, only you can be held accountable.
4. Use the search function to ensure that you're not posting duplicate links.
5. You must code your links. This is to keep the site appearance clean and to make it easier for links to be copied and pasted.
6. Freeware is welcome!
7. Be sure your links work prior to posting. Multiple postings of dead links will result in an infraction.
8. Post bots are frowned up, and are in general not allowed.
9. Post mirrors with your downloads to ensure maximum exposure and thread life.

Requesting Downloads

1. Make sure it's not already found -- use the search.
2. Provide as many details as you can such as the title, a link to the developers site, etc.
3. Be sure to thank the person who finds your download.

Avatar / Signature

1. Both your signature and avatar must be reasonable size (dimensions and filesize wise).
2. Advertising is not permitted in either.
3. Referral links are not permitted.
4. External links aren't permitted unless approved by the Staff.
5. Having an "ugly" signature will result in its removal.

The Infraction & Warning System

* Warnings are worth 1 point,
* After you reach 3 points, you will receive a two-week ban.
* Subsequent offenses and at the discretion of the Staff you may be banned permanently.