Hunters Trophy 2 America-CODEX | 1.5 GB
Release Date: 05/2014
Platform: PC
Genre: Sports, Hunting/Fishing
Developer: Big Ben Interactive
Publisher: Plug In Digital

Brown bear, elk, coyote... track 25 different prey in this hunting simulation set in the most beautiful countryside of the USA. Track wildlife through 30 hunting plans and unlock new skills, weapons, and outfits for your hunter.

Set off on a hunting weekend and freely explore the region of your choice: Kentucky marshland, Colorado plains, Alaska mountains Wyoming lakes, Alberta forest. Play as your dog during tracking phases, approach your prey without being detected and shoot at the ideal time. Train on your own or with a friend at the shooting range: ball-trap, duck shooting fixed or moving targets. Aim accurately and get the top score!

Installation Information
#1 - Extract
#2 - Load image file in your emulator or burn
#3 - Install Game
#4 - Play