Hand-Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals By Laurie J. Gage(auth.)
2002 | 289 Pages | ISBN: 0813826837 | PDF | 25 MB

Veterinarians, technicians and wildlife caregivers are often called upon to have expertise in raising infant mammals. This book provides clear guidance to raising and caring for a wide variety of domestic, farm, wildlife, and zoo mammals from birth to weaning. Over thirty veterinary technicians, wildlife specialists, and veterinarians from around the world have contributed their expertise to this useful book that covers over 50 mammalian species.Some of the topics covered in each chapter of this book include:* Assessment of the neonate* Specialised equipment* Expected weight gains* Formula selection and preparation* Weaning techniques* Housing* Common medical problemsDetailed chapters are devoted to the following animals:* Domestic animals: puppies, kittens, ferrets, sugar gliders and rabbits* Farm animals: foals, kids, llamas and piglets* Wildlife: squirrels, opossums, raccoons, rabbits, deer, foxes, bears, bats, and hedgehogs* Zoo animals: ungulates, non-domestic equids, exotic felids, polar bears, elephants, rhinoceroses, macropods, pinnipeds, large and small primates, lemurs and slothsDr Laurie Gage is well known for her work and expertise in the rearing of seals, sea lions and walruses and has experience in rearing many other mammalian species.Content: Chapter 1 Orphan Rabbits (pages 5-12): Karen Heller TaylorChapter 2 Puppies (pages 13-18): Vulerie T. BarretteChapter 3 Domestic Kittens (pages 19-23): Laura SummersChapter 4 Critically Ill and Orphaned Foals (pages 24-29): K. Gary MagdesianChapter 5 Pigs (pages 30-33): Janet Fine and Rebecca DuerrChapter 6 Goat Kids (pages 34-38): Joan D. RoweChapter 7 South American Camelids (pages 39-42): Robert J. Pollard and Susan D. PollardChapter 8 Opossums (pages 45-54): Paula TaylorChapter 9 Sugar Gliders (pages 55-62): Michele BarnesChapter 10 Macropods (pages 63-74): Rosemary BoothChapter 11 Hedgehogs (pages 75-80): Ian RobinsonChapter 12 Sloths (pages 81-89): Judy Avey?ArroyoChapter 13 Ground and Tree Squirrels (pages 90-95): Dawn SmithChapter 14 Insectivorous Bats (pages 96-103): Susan M. BarnardChapter 15 Lemurs (pages 104-113): Cathy V. WilliamsChapter 16 Tamarins (pages 114-117): Laurie Hrdlicka and Cynthia StringfieldChapter 17 Macaque Species (pages 118-124): Laura Summers, Laurie Brignolo and Kari ChristeChapter 18 Great Apes (pages 125-131): Dawn StrasserChapter 19 Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals (pages 132-142): Rebecca DuerrChapter 20 Sea Lions and Fur Seals (pages 143-149): Laurie J. GageChapter 21 Walrus Calves (pages 150-157): Laurie J. Gage and Terry S. SamanskyChapter 22 Fox Kits (pages 158-169): Jennifer Convy, Darlene DeGhetto and Sophia PapageorgiouChapter 23 Black Bear Cubs (pages 170-180): Sophia Papageorgiou, Darlene DeGhetto and Jennifer ConvyChapter 24 Polar Bears (pages 181-190): Gail HedbergChapter 25 Raccoons (pages 191-202): Darlene DeGhetto, Sophia Papageorgiou and Jennifer ConvyChapter 26 Ferret Kits (pages 203-206): Vickie McKirnrneyChapter 27 Exotic Felids (pages 207-220): Gail HedbergChapter 28 Elephants (pages 221-228): Karen A. Emanuelson and Colleen E. KinzleyChapter 29 Nondomestic Equids (pages 229-235): Terry Blakeslee and Jeffery R. ZubaChapter 30 Rhinoceros (pages 236-243): Terry Blakeslee and Jefsery R. ZubaChapter 31 Black?Tailed and White?Tailed Deer (pages 244-255): Sophia Papageorgiou, Darlene DeGhetto and Jennifer ConvyChapter 32 Exotic Ungulates (pages 256-261): Kelley Greene and Cynthia Stringfield

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