The Camera Lies Acting for Hitchcock by Dan Callahan
epub | 11.37 MB | English | Isbn:0197515320 |
Author: Dan Callahan | PAge: 269 | Year: 2020


The first book on Hitchcock that focuses exclusively on his work with actors
Alfred Hitchcock is said to have once remarked, "Actors are cattle," a line that has stuck in the public consciousness ever since. For Hitchcock, acting was a matter of contrast and counterpoint, valuing subtlety and understatement over flashiness. He felt that the camera was duplicitous, and directed actors to look and act conversely. In The Camera Lies, author Dan Callahan spotlights the many nuances of Hitchcock's direction throughout his career, from Cary Grant in Notorious (1946) to Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960). Delving further, he examines the ways that sex and sexuality are presented through Hitchcock's characters, reflecting the director's own complex relationship with sexuality. Detailing the fluidity of acting-both what it means to act on film and how the process varies in each actor's career-Callahan examines the spectrum of treatment and direction...
Category:Horror Movies, Movies & Video Genres, Video Direction & Production

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