The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras
epub | 6.48 MB | English | Isbn:B08HR43DBH |
Author: Cassie Uhl | PAge: 160 | Year: 2020


In this beautifully illustrated comprehensive guide to auras, expert spiritualist Cassie Uhl shows you how to identify and interpret energetic fields with actionable steps that will make you an expert in no time.
Auras are constantly changing. Everything can affect your aura: your mood, your health, the food you eat, your environment, and the energy of other people. With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras, you'll learn how to intuit your auric field and what steps you can take to keep your aura radiant, healthy, and protected. You'll also learn the different layers and colors and what they mean, plus discover techniques to cleanse and heal your energetic field. Gorgeous illustrations make it easy to navigate through the chapters as you enhance your intuition and understanding of energy. You'll:[*]Learn about the subtle energy body, the many purposes of the aura, and how each chakra connects to the auras.[*]Tap...
Category:Energy Healing, Occult Spiritualism, New Age Divination

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