All Things Jerky - Andy Lightbody
epub | 28.02 MB | English | Isbn:978-1510753402 |
Author: Andy Lightbody | PAge: 192 | Year: 2015


A hardcore compilation of more than 100 tested recipes from around the world.
The jerky world has undergone a major revival in the last five years, in terms of experimentation, products, popularity, and just plain good eating. In All Things Jerky we find a collection of some of the best tried and tested recipes from around the world, including instructions for all the equipment, gear, and recipes you'll need to make jerky at home. While the authors Andy Lightbody and Kathy Mattoon are accomplished hunters, this book is not a hunting or fishing how-to. Instead it is a culmination of their last 40 years spent sampling jerky and dried snacks around world while traveling, hunting, fishing, and writing. Through their adventures they've amassed an incredible collection of simple and economical recipes that utilize easy-to-find ingredients. These flavor-packed recipes are perfect for sharing with the entire family.
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Category:Dehydrator Recipes, Meat Cooking, Barbecuing & Grilling

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