Thrasher - K L Savage
epub | 433.11 KB | English | Isbn:B08PKQX8LP |Author: K.L. Savage | Page: 163 | Year: 2021


Home is where the heart is.
That's what I was taught.
Until I met her...

We've been traveling all over the country, recruiting new members for our club.
Before we call it quits, we make a pitstop in Las Vegas.
I'm owed a debt and I've come to collect.
It's been awhile since I spoke to the President of the Ruthless Kings.
And I'm calling in my marker.
I figured I'd ask for cash, maybe a few new recruits, arm's dealer networks, but he said no.
That's fine.

But then I set my sights on her.
A blonde bombshell.
Yeah, she's mine.
And after I have her, Reaper and I will call it even.
We are only here for a few days. Time is not on my side to whisk her away.
There are a few problems.
I've learned every good thing comes with its own challenges.
And she's a good thing.
She's shy, bashful, and won't let me near her.
And the Ruthless Kings are getting in my way.
But I'm not leaving without her.
It's a good thing I don't.

Because another man enters the picture, one that she seems terrified of, and I don't like to see those doe eyes scared.
I'll slay her dragons and make sure she lives the fairytale she's always wanted.
It's time take to take my heart home.
In Portland.

She might have been my target, but she ended up marking me.
Category:Organized Crime, Serial Killers, Organized Crime Thrillers

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