Voodoo Royal Bastards MC Anke - Kristine Allen
mobi | 618.05 KB | English | Author :Kristine Allen | 2020 | Demented Sons Publishing

Book Description :

Book One of my chapter of the RBMC series.

I'm Ogun "Voodoo" Dupré-SAA for the Ankeny RBMC. There's no pretty way to put it: I do the dirty work for my club. Without question, I follow the direct orders of my president.

Except, when my services were required for a particularly delicate situation, I found myself hesitating for the first time in my adult life. That hesitation was my downfall.

With the Bratva gunning for me and my own father out for my blood, I didn't think I'd survive. Yet, come hell or high water, I'd keep her safe-because she was meant to be mine.

The rumors about my chapter are true, yet things aren't always what they seem. We don't play fair, and we don't leave witnesses.

Sometimes you gotta work a little black magic to come out alive.

Category : | Romantic Suspense, Mashup Fiction, Romantic Suspense

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