The Key The Selection Book 2 - Shaunna Rodriguez
epub | 234.5 KB | English | Author :Shaunna Rodriguez, V Designs | 2020 | Coffee & Cakes Publishing

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You have been SELECTED.... #canyousurvive?
Escaping death was only the beginning....

Kate Reid is alive and The KEY to their survival is in her hands. Flashbacks into a past she doesn't understand grow stronger and continue to haunt her dreams. As time goes on, she's coming to realize that not only was Rush killer but one has their sights set on her....

Rush might be over but the fun has only just begun. Strange, unexplainable things are still happening on Glamis Drive starting with the Post-Rush festivities. Rival sorority, Omega Tau Theta, is missing girls and Cammy Touretti is acting shadier by the second. Is Sigma Beta Pi to blame? Someone is collecting sorority girls and playing for keeps taking this year's sacred phrase, to the death, a little too literal. Only the Elite have been Selected. Only the Strong will Survive..

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