Wild Hearts Lone Cowboy - Inge Mayhem
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Book Description :

Tyson is tragically single and painfully shy. He is a hopeless romantic who lives in a fantasy world where one day he will meet the ideal man of his dreams. Thankfully, he can rely on the help of his vibrant, overconfident friend, Florence to hook him up with that cute guy at the cafe who is just his type. Or is he?

Michael thinks he is falling in love with Brad. They have only dated for a short time, but their chemistry is incredible, and their relationship seems to be getting serious. However, once Brad's charming new roommate appears, confidence in their relationship slowly wanes as paranoia increases.

Drew works on a range. He isn't built to be a cowboy - the role has been thrust upon him. He doesn't always live on the range but has come to this part of the world with a purpose - to search for any trace he could find of his father and pass him a message from his mother. What lies in that message and what skeleton does Drew have in his closet?

With his tousled ginger hair, sparkling eyes, adorable freckles and dimpled smile, one by one, Drew ensnares the attention of these young men and weaves their lives together. Will these young romantics realize in time that Drew seems intent on causing chaos, and taking them down with him?

Author's note: Lone Cowboy is the first in Inge Mayhem's Wild Hearts series. The second book, Thrills of Danger will be available soon.

Category : | Two-Hour LGBT Short Reads, LGBT Anthologies & Collections, Gay Romance

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