(R)evolution The Autobiography by Gary Numan MOBI
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Author: Gary Numan | PAge: 288 | Year: 2020


"Sharply observed and outrageously funny." ★★★★★

We all have idols.

Five's idol was Gary Numan and it was his destiny to become the world's leading tribute act.

His band, 'The Romford Bombers' became an instant sensation in Essex. On top of the world, Five had no idea things were about to turn savage when a new group, 'The Storm Troopers' fronted by Ross, burst onto the scene.

With the Romford and Dagenham Gary Numan Fan Club going into liquidation, they have organised one final competition. The all-time battle of the Numan tribute bands.

Five will do absolutely anything to win it. The problem is, so will Ross.

Editor's Note

This book is not just for Gary Numan fans, but please be warned it does contain middle-aged men wearing eyeliner.
This book can not cure erectile dysfunction, despite what you might have heard.
Most of the characters come from Essex. If you are not familiar with that part of the United Kingdom, you may come away with rich cultural insights that change the way you perceive human existence.
No lobsters or geography teachers were harmed in the writing of this book.
If you are offended by bad language, then you have come to the right place. This book is specifically designed to offend you.


Numanoid -*(slang) A fan of the English pop star Gary Numan.

Numanoidist*- A fan that is enamoured with Gary Numan to the point he seeks to emulate him as a tribute artist.

Numanoidiac*- A tribute artist who believes he actually is Gary Numan (Medical attention is usually required).

What the Reviews are Saying

"This is in equal parts unique, mysterious and hilarious."

"Sharply observed and outrageously funny throughout."

"Fabulously ridiculous, action packed, riddled with heartache, true love, intrigue and downright devilish behaviour."

"I needed something to make me smile. I laughed so much at parts of this story that I have enough in the tank to see me through to the summer."

"Crazy, funny and slightly bonkers!"

"I suspect Numan Versus Numan will appeal to anyone who has ever idolised a star and who has a good sense of humour. Truly a gem of a book."

"dark, funny, spiritual and captivating with many strange twists and turns."

"When's the next one out?"
Category:British Humor & Satire Literature, Humorous Science Fiction, Humorous Dark Comedy

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