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This is the first in a series of "Digs" compilations raiding the record racks of some of the most outrageous music collections. Over the years, Peterson has delighted dance floors and listeners of his radio show (his weekly BBC Radio 1 show is syndicated worldwide) by joining the dots between musical styles and eras. His record collection is so serious he keeps it in a separate house known as Brownswood and his regular listeners are occasionally treated to a Brownswood Basement selection (where all the records are oldies, all are on vinyl, and none have been re-issued). This comp features some of the Brownswood Basement rarities from the US. Peterson selects and blends choice tracks from around the world, from swig vocal jazz selections to ultra rare funk nuggets to sweet soul to super rare manic breakbeat funk. He's the listeners' listener and the collectors' collector. Comp includes liner notes, artist images, and quotes from Gilles. For fans of "Under The! Influence" and "Back To Mine" comps, Jazzman, and world psychedelic classics.

Gilles Peterson is of course one of very few dance, soul and funk-based musician/ DJs to have brought "world music" to a larger, dance-oriented audience without being cheesey about it. This is a pretty big deal, and has garnered Peterson comparisons to John Peel. His fan base is large, worldwide, and rabid. As you might guess by the title, the jazz, funk and soul tunes on this album were all compiled for the crate-digging Ubiquity label's Luv N' Haight series. These sixteen tunes are some of the rarest and heaviest Gilles was able to dig out of his Brownswood estate, a mini-mansion that holds nothing save Peterson's massive record collection. For funk fanatics and beat-seekers who don't have thousands of dollars laying around, this is pretty necessary. --Mike McGonigal


2005 - Gilles Peterson Digs America (Brownswood U.S.A.)

01. Darondo - Didn't I

02. Moses Dillard - Tribute to Wes

03. Marva Josie - He Does It Better

04. Lonnie Hewitt & The Little Sisters & Co. - Ya Ya Cha Cha

05. Jon Lucien - Search for Inner Self

06. Bobby Cole - A Perfect Day

07. Baaska & Scavelli - Get Off the Ground

08. Ellen McIlwaine - Higher Ground

09. Caroline Peyton - Just As We

10. Bob Cunningham - Lover's Theme

11. Ira Sullivan - The Kingdom Within You

12. J.R. Bailey - Just Me 'N' You

13. The World Experience Orchestra - The Prayer

14. Harold McKinney - Ode to Africa

15. Forty Seven s Its Own Weight - March of the Goober Woobers

16. The Ensemble Al Salaam - Circles

VA - Gilles Peterson Digs America 1 & 2 (2005 & 2007)

2007 - Gilles Peterson Digs America 2 - Searching At The End Of An Era

1 -Lorez Alexandria - I'm Wishin' 3:05

2 -Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble - Call To Worship (Make Way) 3:54

3 -Irene Kral - Going To California 3:34

4 -Mary Lou Williams And Group Featuring Leon Thomas - You Know Baby 2:51

5 -Carrie Cleveland - Make Love To Me 2:45

6 -Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love 2:45

7 -Ramp - The Old One Two 3:19

8 -The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas - Intergalactic Love Song 4:34

9 -Ray Camacho - Movin' On 3:09

10 -Steve Parks - Sadness In My Samba 3:09

11 -Gap Mangione - Boys With Toys 2:46

12 -Reverie - In Every Way 5:06

13 -DB Shrier Quartet - East 7:42

14 -James Tatum - Introduction / Lord Have Mercy 6:14

15 -Al Jarreau - My Favourite Things 5:07

16 -The Love Affair - Never In My Life 6:32

17 -Mary Lou Williams - The Pussy's In The Well 1:51

18 -Musicians From The Summer Program For Youthful Musicians - Brougham 4:45

This is the second in the "Digs" series of comps and, like Volume 1, this album was curated by DJ Gilles Peterson, world renowned tastemaker, DJ, and BBC radio host. Some of the quality rarities he found include tracks by Mary Lou Williams, James Tatum, Lorez Alexandria, RAMP, Dee Edwards, Carrie Cleveland, The Diddys, and more. For fans of Luv N' Haight, Light In The Attic, Now And Again, Numero Group, and Back To Mine.