Type :epub | 219.44 KB | English | 1505863449 | Cheryl Matthynssens, Alex Hunt, Katherine Roos, Heather Scoggins | N/A

Description: BLOODMINES is Book #3 in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON'S GEAS, which begins with OUTCAST (Book #1) and moves on to THE BLACKGUARD.
Alador discovers that there is more to his geas and the bloodstone than he had ever imagined. As its true nature is revealed, he alone must figure out how to complete the geas. His first task is to obtain the support of the one dragon that he and Henrick know how to find. But... how does one garner support from a dragon you have previously shot?
Follow Alador as he sets out to gain the support of the dragon, dodge Lerdenian politics and his scheming uncle, at the same time as he attempts to come to terms with the continued ripples that one large bloodstone has brought into his life.

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