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If you are a gamer, you probably wondered how it is easiest to save your favorite game on video and share it with your friends and rivals.

Use Movavi Gecata - an application for shooting gameplay without lags and almost without losing fps. Save epic battles in World of Warcraft or exciting Counter Strike matches!Capture video during the game is easy: start the game, press F10, and the program will start recording video from the monitor in full screen at up to 60 frames per second. After the end of the recording, the clip will be saved to MP4 automatically. Yes, this is really a handy program for recording games on a PC! Capture

Movavi Game Capture captures sound from two sources simultaneously: music, sound effects and game dialogs, as well as audio commentary from the microphone.

Save audio tracks in separate AAC format files - it will be more convenient to trim and edit them separately from the video sequence.

Show your YouTube subscribers what you look like when you kill ens in a shooter right and left.

To do this, Movavi Game Capture has the function of taking video from a webcam. Choose the size and position of the picture on the game video or save the video from the webcam into a separate file and edit the video after recording.

The best thing is to share your gaming achievements with other players.

Completed a challeg quest or a strong boss? Show on YouTube how you did it. We save the video with the parameters recommended by YouTube, so even the HD video will load in minutes. Take a video of the games from the screen and surprise the gaming community!

Type: installation, unpacking (Portable by TryRooM).

Languages: multi, there is Russian

Treatment: conducted (Patch RmK-FreE)

Deleted: statistics collection module

Silent installation of the Russian version: / VERYSILENT / I / RU

Silent installation of the English version: / VERYSILENT / I / EN

Silent unpacking: / VERYSILENT / P

Do not create a shortcut on the desktop: / ND

Do not create a shortcut in the Start menu: / NS

Select an installation location: / D = WAY The / D = WAY

key should be specified as the most recent

Example: installer_file / VERYSILENT / I / D = C: MyProgram

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.