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Replace Studio Pro is a lightweight tool specialized in performing search and replace tasks in one or multiple files. You can identify and modify strings in plain text items using regular expressions.

Clean design
The GUI looks intuitive and allows you to set up the search/replace process in several steps and check out the results directly in the main window.

Search/replace options
You can make Replace Studio Pro look for a specific or multiple strings, replace data with user-defined text, apply file masks (e.g. TXT, HLP), as well as specify the location that contains the files you want to process.
What's more, you are allowed to open files with the associated or default viewer, print the search results, copy data to the clipboard, and export the results to HTML or plain text file format. File management features enable you to copy, move or delete the selected files, and clear the search results with a single click.

Several flags can be applied to your search tasks, namely case sensitive, subdirectories processing, whole word, regular expression, archive searching mode, whitespace ignoring options, or HTML mode. Plus, you can search and replace Windows Clipboard contents and save multiple search-replace strings as favorites for later use.

Configuration settings
Replace Studio Pro helps you set up colors for found items, file color and selected hit, scroll results, show the results in a tree, copy search info to the clipboard, sort the results by filename, extension, date/time, size or path, specify the maximum regular expression size, process binary files, display file size and date/time, as well as exclude files using filters (date, size, attributes).

Bottom line
All things considered, Replace Studio Pro provides a fast and efficient way for helping you search through text-based files and perform replacements with another string. A help manual is available in the package in case you need additional information about the tool's features.

Regular Expression operators include the basic grep-style substring and match operators, along with special replacement operators such as case change operators, file and path name replacements, and counters.
Search and replace operations can be case sensitive or not, they can span multiple files via multiple file masks and filter settings, and they can span more than one line. The program can search-replace the Windows Clipboard. You can do simple searches in the Search Results list (press F3) and you can also limit follow-up search &/or replace to only those files currently listed in the Search Results list.
Unicode files are detected automatically for seamless search/replacing.
UTF-8 encoded files are handled directly if the name extension is .xml.
Perform replacements that do math operations on strings that consist of numbers.
The Internal context viewer allows you to edit text files. You can also launch a user configurable external viewer with optional special commands, launch associated programs on "found" files and automatically view binary files using our freeware companion utility, HexView. You can also disable the internal context viewer and use an external viewer/editor.
HTML Mode permits the program to automatically handle character code transformations for html special characters. For example, find "Search & Replace" even though the raw string is "Search & Replace" in your html document.
Ignore Whitespace mode allows you to ignore extra space and \r \n \t characters without needing to use a regular expression.
Drag n Drop files to/from Explorer or other file managers and editors to/from the program main window.
File operations (copy, move, delete) can be done on files in the search results list.
Search (replace) subdirectories or not and also limit how far the program will go with subdirectories.
Multiple include & exclude File Masks let you, for example, search all ".htm" & ".html" files except the ".htm" files begin with "s" or "t". You can also create Complex File Masks to include some subdirectories while excluding others. In addition, Filter Options allow you, for example, to include only files created after a set date that are smaller than the size you specify.
Incrementing counter operations let you allow you to quickly revise a sequence of numbers in one or more files or add numbers where no numbers exist originally.
String Pairs & Favorites scripts let you easily specify multiple search/replace combinations, save a particular search or replace string for later use, or process multiple drives/directories and/or file masks.
An optionally-installed extension for Windows Explorer adds a 'Replace Studio Pro...' entry to the Windows Explorer right-click context menu to allow you to search one or more files, or an entire folder, by launching the program from Explorer. An entry is also added to the Windows 'Search' 'menu in Start Menu to launch Replace Studio Pro.
Scripts can be applied to the Search &/or Replace strings in advance of an operation. Activated via the Apply Script function, you can, for example, use a conversion script to deal with the plain text equivalents of html special characters or rtf 'escape' codes.
Replacements, including those in script and binary operations, can be visualized in context before they are made.
User control over replacement prompts/warnings includes one string at a time, one file at a time, all at once (no warnings), and combinations in between such as skipping all remaining occurrences in a file.
Undo the last replacement(s) made via the Undo function.
Searching can be halted after the first hit in a file - useful for when you have to search large or many files.
Write files changed by a replacement operation to a backup directory and preserve original file time/date stamps during replacements.
Add text to the top of a file or the end of the file.
Insert the path & filename in replacements via Special Replacement Operators.
Use Environment Variables in the search &/or replace strings.
Output in the Search & Replace "Results List" can be directed to your printer, saved to a text file, or viewed automatically in your web browser.
A full complement of command line switches - ideal for power users. A switch is available to cause the program to run without any user interface (/u switch).
User configurable fonts & colors.

Whats New:
Dark Theme Mode (switchable in Options -> Display)


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