Pink Floyd ‎- Psych Fest 1967 (2016, DVD5)

Title: Pink Floyd ‎- Psych Fest
Year of release: 1967 (2016)
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic
Released: Pro-shot
Cast: Pink Floyd


BBC-TV (It's So Far Out...It's Normal), 19 Jan., 1967 :
1.Paul McCartney About Psychedelia
Sound Technique Studio, 12 January 1967 (From the film "Tonite let's all make Love in London"):
2.Interstellar Overdrive
3.Nick's Boogie
Promo, Spring 1967 :
4.Arnold Layne (orig. Promo)
Live at the UFO-Club, London, 27 January (March ?) 1967 :
5.Interstellar Overdrive (edit)
Pink Floyd can be seen and heard in this 5 minutes-scene from a Bavarian 1967 TV-documentary called "Die jungen Nachtwandler"
6.Nick's Boogie
BBC-TV, "The Look Of The Week", 14 May 1967 :
7.Pow R Toc H
8.Syd And Roger Are Interviewed By "Serious Musician" Hans Keller
9.Astronomy Domine.4:46
10.Interview (Hans Keller interviews Syd and Roger: again, he's rigorous with them!)
Promo, Summer 1967 (Excerpt) :
11.The Scarecrow
Silent Super 8 Amateur footage :
12.Outside Abbey Road
US-TV, "American Bandstand", 6 November 1967 (Pink Floyd's last TV-Appearance with Syd Barrett):
13.Apples And Oranges. Mimed (Syd does move his lips!)
Six B & W promotional films taped for Belgian TV, Brussels, 22 - 29 February 1968 (first appearance with Dave Gilmour):
14.Astronomy Domin?
16.Corporal Clegg
18.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
19.See Emily Play
French TV, "Discorama", 21 February 1968 :
21.Let There Be More Light
Live At The Piper Club, Rome, First International Pop Festival, 6 May 1968 :
23.Nick's Boogie
24.Interstellar Overdrive
BBC-TV, "All My Loving", 3 November 1968 (recorded 26 March 1968) :
25.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (edit).
Kraligen Pop Festival, NL, 28 June 1970
26.Careful With That Axe, Eugene

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Video: MPEG-2, NTSC 4:3, 704x480, 25 fps, 5000 kb/s
Audio: English AC3, 2ch, 256 kb/s
Total Size: 3.65 GB
Total Time: 01:47:46

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