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09-09-2018, 07:46 PM
The Forest [v 1.09] (2018) CODEX PC Size:1.12 GB | RePack by Pioneer
Year of manufacture : 30 April. 2018
Genre : Action (Survival horror), 3D , 1st Person
Developer : Endnight Games Ltd
Publisher : Endnight Games Ltd
Platform : PC
Language : English, MULTi
Language : English
Publication Type : RePack
Medicine : Present {CODEX}

The protagonist of the game remains alive after the crash of an airplane on an uninhabited island. The main task - to survive: cut down trees to build a shelter, hunt for wild animals or look for and plant fruits so as not to die of hunger, and also do not forget to keep the hearth in order not to freeze. With the approach of night everything changes: on the hunt go mutant cannibals. You have to give them a rebuff with the help of improvised means - sticks and stones, use tricks to hide from their eyes: spread dirt or make yourself camouflage, or simply arrange various traps around your base and lock yourself in the shelter until the morning.

Features :
Enter the living, breathing forest with changing weather conditions, plants that grow and die. The tides that come and go with the day and night cycle. Explore the vast network of underground caves and lakes.
Cut down trees to build a shelter or to build a fire to keep warm. Bring food to yourself or starve to death. Look for seeds and plant them to grow crops. Build a small tent or a large fortress on the beach, decorate your house with the things you find. Set traps and other defenses to be safe.
Explore and build throughout the day. Defend yourself and your base at night. Create weapons and tools. Hide in your shelter for the evening or meet with the enemy.
Use different tricks to avoid a meeting with the enemy or make yourself some kind of weapon from improvised means - sticks and stones and fight back!

Features Repack:
!! The basis for the licensed content
- Nothing is cut.
- Nothing is recoded.
- The archives of the game are not affected.
- Game version: 1.09 (runs on x86 and x64).
- Installation time: ~ 3 minutes.
- Ability to play online games.
- Launch the game shortcut on the desktop

How to play online:
2.1) We open Steam , we enter into ANY account.
2.2) Run the file TheForest.exe from the root folder.

How to create a server:
3.1) Co-Op => At the top, enter a nickname => Host Game => Select the server parameters => Get the data (IP and Port) and inform it to other players.

How to connect to the game:
4.1) Co-Op => At the top, enter the nickname => Join Game => Go to one of the servers.

System Requirement
√OS : Windows 7, 8, 10 (recommended 64-bit systems)
√Processor : Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
√RAM : 4 GB of RAM
√Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
√DirectX : Version 9.0
√Disk space : 5 GB
√Sound Card : DirectX®-compatible
√In addition : 32bit windows users need to ensure they have at least 4GB of usable on their system.