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02-15-2020, 05:02 PM
The Last Diet by Shahroo Izadi
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Descirption: This is the last diet you'll ever need.
Transform your relationship with food and your body for good with The Last Diet from Behavioural Change Specialist, Shahroo Izadi.
Shahroo Izadi presents the best approach to losing weight, without telling you what or how to eat. Shahroo goes deeper than traditional diet plans, using her professional experience working in addiction treatment and personal experience of struggling with her own weight and body image to help you find the best diet for your body and your life.
She shares how the same evidence-based tools she used effectively with her clients in active addiction helped her to lose eight stone in weight, increase her self-esteem and help her self-manage a range of unwanted habits around food and negative self-talk. Shahroo introduces her revolutionary kindness method and highlights the importance of positive self-perception, showing how to embrace self-kindness and self-respect. Diets often...

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