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  1. Software Defined Radio Baseband Technologies for 3G Handsets and Basestations
  2. Software Maintenance Management Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
  3. Software Testing and Quality Assurance Theory and Practice
  4. Soil Carbon in Sensitive European Ecosystems From Science to Land Management
  5. Soil Mechanics
  6. Solar Eruptions and Energetic Particles
  7. Solar Variability and Its Effects on Climate
  8. Solid Propellant Chemistry, Combustion, and Motor Interior Ballistics
  9. Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals
  10. Solid State Proton Conductors Properties and Applications in Fuel Cells
  11. Solution-Focused RTI A Positive and Personalized Approach to Response to Intervention
  12. Sony Advanced Cyber-shot
  13. Spa Apothecary Natural Bath & Beauty Recipes
  14. Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  15. Space Weather
  16. Space-Time Layered Information Processing for Wireless Communications
  17. SpaceTerrestrial Mobile Networks Internet Access and QoS Support
  18. Spatial Interpolation for Climate Data The Use of GIS in Climatology and Meteorology
  19. Spatio-Temporal Design Advances in Efficient Data Acquisition
  20. Spatio-Temporal Recommendation in Social Media
  21. Species and System Selection for Sustainable Aquaculture
  22. Spectral and Dynamical Stability of Nonlinear Waves
  23. Speech Quality of VoIP Assessment and Prediction
  24. Spiral Dynamics in Action Humanity's Master Code
  25. Spoken, Multilingual and Multimodal Dialogue Systems Development and Assessment
  26. Spray Dryers A Guide to Performance Evaluation, Second Edition
  27. Springer Series in Light Scattering Volume 3 Radiative Transfer and Light Scattering
  28. St Valery and Its Aftermath The Gordon Highlanders Captured in France in 1940
  29. Stability and Degradation of Organic and Polymer Solar Cells
  30. Stability and Safety of Ships - Risk of Capsizing
  31. Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Environmental Science, Second Edition
  32. Staged Diabetes Management A Systematic Approach, Second Edition
  33. Stahlbau Teil 2 Stabilitat und Theorie II. Ordnung, Fourth Edition
  34. Stahlgewitter at the gates of Moscow Waffen SS in Combat a German view of WW2
  35. Standard Letters for Architectural Practice, Third Edition
  36. Standard Letters for Building Contractors, Third Edition
  37. Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography Theory and Practice, Second Edition
  38. Statistical Analysis of Designed Experiments Theory and Applications
  39. Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment, Second Edition
  40. Statistical Development of Quality in Medicine
  41. Statistical DNA Forensics Theory, Methods and Computation
  42. Statistical Estimation of Epidemiological Risk
  43. Statistical Framework for Recreational Water Quality Criteria and Monitoring
  44. Statistical Methods for Fuzzy Data
  45. Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 153
  46. Statistical Pattern Recognition, Second Edition
  47. Statistics and Probability Theory In Pursuit of Engineering Decision Support
  48. Statistics for Research, Third Edition
  49. Statistics of Financial Markets Exercises and Solutions
  50. Statistik und quantitative Methoden für Gesundheitsfachberufe
  51. Steel Designers' Manual The Steel Construction Institute, Sixth Edition
  52. Steels and Materials for Power Plants, Volume 7
  53. STEM Education How to Train 21st Century Teachers
  54. Stepping Motors - A Guide to Theory and Practice
  55. Stereoselective Synthesis A Practical Approach, Second Edition
  56. Steroid Chemistry at a Glance
  57. Stewardship Essentials The Donor Relations Guide
  58. Still Writing The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life
  59. Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds
  60. Stochastic Models in Life Insurance
  61. Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programs
  62. Stock Trader's Almanac 2019 (Almanac Investor), 15th Edition
  63. Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology
  64. Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence
  65. Stream Restoration in Dynamic Fluvial Systems
  66. Strictly for Volunteers 111 Tips, Ideas & Morsels of Wisdom for Anyone Who Volunteers
  67. String Theory Compactifications
  68. Structural Analysis of Metallic Glasses with Computational Homology
  69. Structural Dynamics in Industry
  70. Structure, Function, and Modulation of Neuronal Voltagegated Ion Channels
  71. Structure-Based Ligand Design
  72. Structuring Events A Study in the Semantics of Lexical Aspect
  73. Studying Shakespeare A Guide to the Plays
  74. Sub-Contracting under the JCT 2005 Forms
  75. Subsurface Hydrology Data Integration for Properties and Processes
  76. Sugarcane, Second Edition
  77. Suicide Terror Understanding and Confronting the Threat
  78. Superalloy 718 and Derivatives
  79. Superconducting Levitation Applications to Bearings and Magnetic Transportation
  80. Supporting Dyslexic Adults in Higher Education and the Workplace
  81. Supramolecular Chemistry Concepts and Perspectives
  82. Surface Complexation Modeling Gibbsite
  83. Surfaces, Interfaces, and Colloids Principles and Applications, Second Edition
  84. Surfaces, Interfaces, and the Science of Ceramic Joining, Volume 158
  85. Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena, Third Edition
  86. Survey Measurement and Process Quality
  87. Surveying Cultures Discovering Shared Conceptions and Sentiments
  88. Sustainability and the Humanities
  89. Sustainability of Agricultural Environment in Egypt Part I Soil-Water-Food Nexus
  90. Sustainable Carbon Materials from Hydrothermal Processes
  91. Sustainable Dairy Production
  92. Sustainable Development Understanding the Green Debates
  93. Sustainable Fishery Systems
  94. Sustainable Growth in the EU Challenges and Solutions
  95. Sustainable Urban Planning Tipping the Balance
  96. Symmetrien in Festkorpern Gruppentheoretische Grundlagen und Anwendungen
  97. Synchronization and Arbitration in Digital Systems
  98. Systems Metabolic Engineering Methods and Protocols
  99. Systemtheoretische Grundlagen optoelektronischer Sensoren
  100. Talent Management of Knowledge Workers Embracing the Non-Traditional Workforce
  101. Taming Heterogeneity and Complexity of Embedded Control
  102. Taming the Atlantic The History of Man's Battle With the World's Toughest Ocean
  103. Tamoxifen Pioneering Medicine in Breast Cancer
  104. Tandem Repeats in Genes, Proteins, and Disease Methods and Protocols
  105. Teamwork in Poultry Production Improving Grower and Employee Interpersonal Skills
  106. Tech Mining Exploiting New Technologies for Competitive Advantage
  107. Technologies for Sustainable Development A Way to Reduce Poverty
  108. Technologies for the Wireless Future Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), Volume 2
  109. Technology Enhanced Learning and Cognition
  110. Technology of Semiactive Devices and Applications in Vibration Mitigation
  111. Tectonic, Climatic, and Cryospheric Evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula
  112. Telecommunication Circuit Design, Second Edition
  113. Telecommunication System Engineering, Fourth Edition
  114. Telomerases Chemistry, Biology, and Clinical Applications
  115. Temperature Measurement, Second Edition
  116. Tending Animals in the Global Village A Guide to International Veterinary Medicine
  117. Terror and the Postcolonial
  118. Terrorism, Radicalism, and Populism in Agriculture
  119. Test of Courage The Michel Thomas Story
  120. Testing and Balancing HVAC Air and Water Systems
  121. The Accidental Administrator Cisco Router Step-by-Step Configuration Guide
  122. The Actor's Guide to Self-Marketing How to Brand and Promote Your Unique Image
  123. The Aging Spine
  124. The Architecture of Innovative Apprenticeship
  125. The Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Cycles
  126. The Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell
  127. The Atlas of Climate Change Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge, Third edition
  128. The Beginner's Guide to Sushi Sushi Cookbook for Sushi Lovers
  129. The Best Hits on Route 66 100 Essential Stops on the Mother Road
  130. The Buckets of Money Retirement Solution The Ultimate Guide to Income for Life
  131. The Cambridge Companion to Hermeneutics
  132. The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province Insights from Fragments of Pangea
  133. The Civil Contract of Photography
  134. The Coupling of Climate and Economic Dynamics Essays on Integrated Assessment
  135. The CQ Press Writing Guide for Public Policy
  136. The Critical Few Energize Your Company's Culture by Choosing What Really Matters
  137. The Dawn Broke Hot and Somber U.S. Race Riots of 1964
  138. The Design and Management of Medical Device clinical Trials Strategies and Challenges
  139. The Development of Milton's Thought Law, Government, and Religion
  140. The Ecogeomorphology of Tidal Marshes
  141. The Freelance Mum A flexible career guide for better work-life balance
  142. The Future of Trade Defence Instruments Global Policy Trends and Legal Challenges
  143. The GCC Economies Stepping Up To Future Challenges
  144. The Geometry of Special Relativity A Concise Course
  145. The Glasgow Graveyard Guide
  146. The Grammar of Esperanto A Corpus-based Description
  147. The Graphic Designer's Guide to Better Business Writing
  148. The Greenhouse Approach Cultivating Intrapreneurship in Companies and Organizations
  149. The Handbook of Language, Gender, and Sexuality
  150. The Handy Anatomy Answer Book, Second edition
  151. The History of England, Volume 4 Revolution (The History of England)
  152. The Ideology of Kokugo Nationalizing Language in Modern Japan
  153. The Illustrated History of Natural Disasters
  154. The Inner Magnetosphere Physics and Modeling
  155. The Kansas City UFO Flaps
  156. The Languages of the Andes
  157. The Last Man in Russia The Struggle to Save a Dying Nation
  158. The Little Book on C#.NET And HTML The Inside Job
  159. The Liver in Systemic Diseases
  160. The Making of Modern Economics
  161. The Melancholy Assemblage. Affect and Epistemology in the English Renaissance
  162. The Mindful Marketer How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World
  163. The Monte Carlo Simulation Method for System Reliability and Risk Analysis
  164. The On-line Electric Vehicle Wireless Electric Ground Transportation Systems
  165. The Phenomenology of Henry James
  166. The Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  167. The Physics of Phase Transitions
  168. The Plant Cell Wall
  169. The Plural Practice of Adoption in Pacific Island States
  170. The Political Economy of the Dutch Republic
  171. The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America
  172. The Professional Knowledge Base of Science Teaching
  173. The Psychopathology of American Capitalism
  174. The Quality of Measurements A Metrological Reference
  175. The Quantum Beat Principles and Applications of Atomic Clocks
  176. The quick guide to wild edible plants easy to pick, easy to prepare
  177. The Routledge Course in Business Korean
  178. The Science and Practice of Resilience
  179. The Science of Science Fiction
  180. The Seafood Industry Species, Products, Processing, and Safety, Second Edition
  181. The Social Engineer's Playbook A Practical Guide to Pretexting
  182. The Social History of Byzantium
  183. The State and International Relations
  184. The State Historical and Political Dimensions
  185. The Strange Story of the Quantum
  186. The Stratosphere Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry
  187. The Stromboli Volcano An Integrated Study of the 2002-2003 Eruption
  188. The Subject's Matter Self-Consciousness and the Body
  189. The Supramolecular Chemistry of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
  190. The Times of Bede Studies in Early English Christian Society and its Historian
  191. The Trauma Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital
  192. The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women How to Become Orgasmic for a Lifetime
  193. The Vertical Transportation Handbook, Third Edition
  194. The Welfare Trait How State Benefits Affect Personality
  195. The Where, the Why, and the How 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science
  196. Theological Ethics and Global Dynamics In the Time of Many Worlds
  197. Theology and Families
  198. Theology and Social Theory Beyond Secular Reason
  199. Theorizing Surveillance The Panopticon and Beyond
  200. Theory and Approaches of Group Decision Making with Uncertain Linguistic Expressions
  201. Theory of Structures Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells
  202. Thermal Separation Processes Principles and Design
  203. Thermochemical Data of Pure Substances, Third Edition
  204. Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reactions
  205. Think Tanks The Brain Trusts of US Foreign Policy
  206. Thinking Critically Mass Shootings
  207. Thinking on the Web Berners-Lee, Gödel and Turing
  208. This is Not a Fire Drill Crisis Intervention and Prevention on College Campuses
  209. This Is Your Brain on Depression Creating a Path to Getting Better, 2nd Edition
  210. Thoracic Vein Arrhythmias Mechanisms and Treatment
  211. Thoughts and Utterances The Pragmatics of Explicit Communication
  212. Through the Paper Curtain Insiders and Outsiders in the New Europe
  213. Tiberius, Second Edition
  214. Tickle My Tush Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty
  215. Time Optimal Control of Evolution Equations
  216. Timescales of the Paleomagnetic Field
  217. Titanium Microalloyed Steel Fundamentals, Technology, and Products
  218. TKO Management! Ten Knockout Strategies for Becoming the Manager Your People Deserve
  219. TKO Sales! Ten Knockout Strategies for Selling More of Anything
  220. Toni Morrison Writing the Moral Imagination
  221. Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 25
  222. Topology and Its Applications
  223. Total Redneck Manual 221 Ways to Live Large
  224. Toxikologie Denkschrift
  225. Toxikologie Eine Einfuhrung fur Naturwissenschaftler und Mediziner
  226. Trace Elements in Soils
  227. Tracers in Hydrology
  228. Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog CMOS Design
  229. Transformations of Manifolds and Application to Differential Equations
  230. Transient Ischemic Attacks
  231. Transmission Electron Microscopy in Micro-Nanoelectronics
  232. Transmission Lines in Digital Systems for EMC Practitioners
  233. Transreactions in Condensation Polymers
  234. Trauma Rules 2 Incorporating Military Trauma Rules
  235. Travels collected writings, 1950-1993
  236. Treating Drinkers and Drug Users in the Community
  237. Trends in Emerging Viral Infections of Swine
  238. Trends in Enterprise Knowledge Management
  239. Triple Play Building the Converged Network for IP, VoIP and IPTV
  240. Tropical Estuarine Fishes Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation
  241. Tropical Rain Forests An Ecological and Biogeographical Comparison, Second edition
  242. Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale
  243. Turbine Steam Path Maintenance & Repair, Vol. 2
  244. Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives
  245. Turbulent Premixed Flames
  246. Twenty-Four Hours of Local Cohomology
  247. Two-Dimensional Signal Analysis
  248. Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome
  249. Ultra-Wideband Radio Propagation Channels A Practical Approach
  250. Ultrawideband Radar Measurements - Analysis and Processing